About You

An individual who values a professional financial planning service driven by quality advice and not the need to make product sales. You may be accumulating wealth, seeking to protect your family or protecting the purchasing power of wealth already accumulated. You may be approaching retirement and seeking clarity on the range of pension options open to you.

You may have accumulated wealth and wish it to pass tax efficiently to your family, minimising the effect of Inheritance Tax. You may have received an inheritance and wish to invest it as your own nest egg.

You could also be a Company Director or Business Partner who values a professional review of your company pension or employee protection packages. You may be frustrated at the lack of advice available to you and your employees.

You may have no idea of how your finances will provide you with the lifestyle that you want to achieve. None of us can predict the future but we can model it for you. Imagine being transported to see what your financial future looks like but with the advantage of being able to come back and do something about it if you do not like what you see!

Above all you will appreciate a professional service delivered in a friendly and sincere manner. Our location in rural Buckinghamshire enables us to deal with clients across Southern England and the Midlands. City clients can be seen in London or may prefer a relaxing review away from town at our rural office.